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Read on the Wild Side

She says, “Hey, babe
Take a walk on the wild side”…
(Lou Reed, “Walk on the Wild Side”)  

‘Literatura de género’ is a common label used, especially in the Spanish-speaking literary community, to refer to a group of writings which is considered to be minor, or marginalized as just mere entertainment or evasive literature. In this sense, the term ‘genre’ is understood as a category of text, widely recognized by writers and readers –as well as publishers and bookshop owners- having certain verifiable markers, such as type of characters, settings, kinds of action, and explicit thematic concerns. Within the label of ‘literatura de género’ the ghost, supernatural, fantasy, horror, science fiction, detective, ‘noir’, and romantic stories are usually included. 

In this new cycle of the Reading Group we will explore four short stories which might be considered to belong to these ‘genres’ but which also go beyond the conventions established in the implicit pact between reader and writer when approaching these types of fictions. Are these genres really ‘minor’ or are they trying to foreground other questions by challenging what is considered to be ‘real’? These are some of the questions we will try to address in our meetings. 


  1. 14/8Gothic tale I: ‘The Bloody Chamber’ by Angela Carter
  2. 28/8 – Gothic tale II: ‘The Bloody Chamber’ by Angela Carter
  3. 11/9 – Horror: ‘Graveyard Shift’ by Stephen King
  4. 25/9Detective: ‘Variaciones en rojo’ by Rodolfo Walsh
  5. 9/10Science Fiction: ‘We Can Remember It for You Wholesale’ by Philip K. Dick

How are we going to work?

You read the stories before the meeting. Jot down your impressions, your ideas and associations. We discuss them on the date of the online meeting.

The stories will be sent by e-mail prior to the meeting, with enough time for you to read them.

How much does it cost?

For APRIR members: $500 each session. One advance payment for all five sessions: $2250
For non-members: $750 each session. One advance payment for all five sessions: $3500

Pay by bank transfer AND email the slip to

Banco Nación Suc. 3020- Rosario
CBU Nº 0110444240044427146462
Cuenta Corriente Especial
Nº de cuenta: 444271464/6
Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario
CUIT: 30680502109

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