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2020 Kick-off event

We are starting off this year with the presentations by the joint winners of the APRIR Speaker scholarship, who will be offering adapted versions of their workshops at the 2019 FAAPI Conference. Both focus on reading, but offer widely different and extremely appealing perspectives.

Literature to reach new worlds by Andrea Masset

Following a multidisciplinary approach, we should teach English through Art, History, Social Studies or Literature, using innovative, motivating tasks where students can learn and communicate meaningfully (CLIL). This workshop focuses on literature and artistic movements over the 20th century. The aim is to foster students’ critical thinking and raise cultural awareness, to encourage teachers to adapt and use authentic material (according to ages and level) and eventually to empower our students to see the world with new eyes.

How To Hook Students Into Reading Fiction: Hypertext as a New Reading Dimension by Valquiria Fazzi

Hypertext fiction has recently emerged as a new relationship between technology and literature. However, many teachers are reluctant to use virtually-supported texts and go beyond teaching traditional, linear reading skills. Hypertext challenges reading literacy practices. This workshop aims to share guidelines for the design of reading comprehension material for hypertexts. Participants will also engage in the analysis of activities that foster multiple-connected reading where students can interact with the text, becoming dynamic readers.

When? Saturday March 7th – 9 to 12

Where? ISPI “San Bartolomé”, Tucumán 1257 – Rosario

APRIR members: free of charge
Students, ISPI San Bartolomé staff and members of FAAPI affiliated TAs
: $250
Non-members: $400

Andrea Masset is a Teacher of English, a translator (IES Nº28 Rosario) and has a university degree in English Language and Literature (UCEL). Currently, she is lecturing in Literature at IES “O. Cossettini”, delivering workshops on reading literature to adults and teaching Social Studies at a bilingual school. Her research interests are mainly related to postmodern literature.

Valquiria Fazzi has been a teacher of English for 21 years. She holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Language and Literature from UCEL University, a Master´s Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Jaén and she is a candidate for a PhD in Education at the University of Rosario. She has also earned a Graduate Certificate in the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language from Instituto Superior Parque de España and a Certificate as a Teacher of Business English (FTBE). She has been working at High School, tertiary and University levels in different private and public institutions. Currently, she is teaching at Instituto Superior N° 9123 San Bartolomé, at Instituto Superior Nº 49 J.J. de Urquiza and at Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR). She has also specialized in ESP, working in the fields of Business, Agribusiness, Tourism, Law, Science and Aviation.

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