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Fun, Memorable Lessons through Student Engagement

I strongly believe it is very important to have fun while learning. Our students tend to get distracted very easily nowadays and it gets harder and harder for the English teacher to engage them to work effectively in class. Using authentic material combined with authentic meaningful tasks, teachers will be able to motivate and engage students in activities that present a challenge within their reach.
Let’s resort to our never-ending creativity as teachers and explore together different activities that will generate interest and enthusiasm, which will naturally result in our students’ willingness and eagerness to use English for effective communication.

When? Saturday May 20th – 09:30 to 12:00 with coffee break

Where?  Instituto San Bartolomé (1257 Tucumán St)

APRIR members: FREE
Students (Rosario) and members of FAAPI affiliated TAs: $1000
Non-members: $2000

Limited vacancies available so secure your place by paying in advance. First come, first served! Enrolment will only be confirmed after payment.

Pay by bank transfer AND email us the slip.

Banco Nación Suc. 3020- Rosario
CBU Nº 0110444240044427146462
Cuenta Corriente Especial
Nº de cuenta: 444271464/6
Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario
CUIT: 30680502109

Presenter: Gustavo González

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