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Sharing Teaching: five real experiences by local teachers

Silence Trek – To boldly search for the true meaning of soundlessness by Mariana De Biassi

Many times “sound” is defined as “absence of silence” and vice versa. Yet, what is actually “silence”? The answer to such a transcendental question can only be found by looking at the issue from all angles. The underlying idea for this project is to expose students to a positive Eastern and a contrasting Western interpretation of the word and invite them to ponder on its meaning to be able to come up with a personal feeling-laden interpretation of the concept.

On transcending the classroom with creative lessons to develop empathy by Estefanía Militello

This talk focuses on segregation in America and its implications on coloured people so as to put discrimination in Argentina into perspective. It explores creative activities through a wide range of sources aiming at raising learners’ social awareness. Participants will be presented with innovative ideas to generate freedom of expression and openness to understanding different mindsets.

Successful technology integration – shifting away from teacher-centred to student-focused learning with Mentimeter. by Luciana Ortega

Today technology has undoubtedly come to play an important role in the context of English language teaching and learning. However, the vast landscape of ‘must have’ technological tools available online can be daunting at times. Does the use of technology always enhance the learning experience? What makes an effective educational app? What criteria should teachers adopt when trying to integrate technology meaningfully and seamlessly? This presentation will explore one example of an online audience-response system – Mentimeter – in order to assess its potential for optimizing teaching and learning. This type of tool allows users to create polls and quizzes which the students answer using their smartphones, resulting in higher interactivity and engagement.

Optimizing everyday input with elementary students to bridge the cultural gap by Florencia I. Viale

Our country has historically accepted linguistic borrowing as part of our native language. Thus it is inevitable to walk around or explore the media only to find that a high amount of the data we receive contains expressions in English. English IS around us. This sample lesson intends to illustrate simple ways to profit from this “linguistic invasion” by turning it into an authentic source of handy input to exploit in our classes. 

Active learning to approach a task with a visual prompt by Patricia Zorio

I will be introducing the concept of “Active Learning” as well as dispelling misconceptions about it. Then , I will be presenting an Applied Drama technique called Still Picture, which has proved useful to deal with a visual prompt. This will be linked to the expression of emotions so as to raise awareness of its multiple possibilities. The attendees will be performing the task so as to understand it.

When? September 7th, 9.30 to 12

Where? Centro Educativo Latinoamericano Av. Pellegrini 1352

APRIR members: free of charge
CEL’s staff and members of FAAPI affiliated TAs: $200
Non-members: $300

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