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The Challenge of Teaching Adults – the sequel

Based on the feedback and the pool of ideas discussed in the first workshop in 2018, this sequel to“The Challenge of Teaching Adults” has as an overall aim to help teachers (re)organize their lessons for this age group, bearing in mind these issues:

What do we need to take into account to teach adult students? Where do we start from? How do we set the course goals? How can we best make use of different resources so as to help our adult students meet these goals and learn English meaningfully and effectively?

If you missed our edition last year, don’t worry because we will be refreshing some key ideas and conclusions. We will also be presenting new online tools, discussing different case studies and thinking about outside-the-box activities. If you attended in 2018, do join us again for it is the perfect opportunity to share our queries and experiences as well as resources and strategies to make the most of our lessons for adults.

When? Saturday June 8th – 9 to 12

Where? IES “Olga Cossettini”, Sarmiento 2902 – Rosario

APRIR members: free of charge
Students, IES staff and members of FAAPI affiliated TAs
: $200
Non-members: $300

Carolina Marcote is a Teacher of English and Technical and Literary Translator. She is certified as a Teacher of Business English by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She has been teaching adults, Business and General English, for 15 years. She has also been in charge of workshops dealing with the basic Business English Skills. She was an FTBE teacher trainer for several years, preparing teachers to sit for this international exam. Today she is 100% devoted to teaching adults and so continuously learning about this fascinating teaching field.

Ana Laura Martínez is first and foremost a lifelong learner; also a graduate Teacher of English (ISP N° 16 – UNR) and a Certified Translator (I.S.Part. N° 9251). She has been a lecturer at Teacher Training College for twenty years, training students in Didáctica Específica I and II as well as Trayectos de Formación Docente II, III, and IV (ISP N° 16 and IES N° 28). She has also been teaching in different state-run secondary schools in Rosario and coached ESP and GE adult students for several years. Other areas of interest and professional development: literature, psycholinguistics and teacher development. Last but not least, she is an APRIR grateful member!

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